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PDO Thread BIJOU Cog Cannula, Cog Nose, Cog 360, 3D

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  • Materialabsorbable PDO threads, medical sponges, japanese needle
  • Payment TermsT/T,Others

[Ewell Medical Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Selling Face & Body lifting threads (BIJOU Cog Cannula, Cog Nose, Cog 360) made in Korea. BIJOU threads have been exported for several years to more than 20 countries especially in European and Middle-East Asian countries, which means its efficacy and safety are already internationally recognized.  BIJOU Threads are KFDA, CE, GMP approved and composed of Japanese Needle and German Sponge, and Korean threads. 


                                    BIJOU THREAD                                 

BIJOU Thread (Lifting PDO Thread) is new lifting technique which injects threads for Strong Lifting Effect and for Enhancement of Cell Engraftment to the treatment areas. Our thread is made of Polydioxanone (PDO), which is safe enough and has been used for cardiac surgery.


                         Advantages of BIJOU Threads                       


- Strong skin lifting and tightening
- Skin rejuvenation and whitening
- Wrinkle removal
- Skin trouble removal
- Scar filling
- Multiple application with filler or botox
- High patient satisfaction
- Easy and simple application
- Safe from side effects
- Short & fearless treatment
- Rapid recovery


                  BIJOU COG Cannula / Cog 360 Thread                 


Cog Cannula Thread, contains high quality L-type cannula that minimizes damaging derma and blood stream, therefore, prevents blood loss, bruise and swelling after procedure of the thread injection. 


Cog 360 Thread has spikes which are made along the thread 360 degree, developing 
different anchorage points on the line voltage. As point of contact to tow panniculus 
carnosus is increased, lifting effect is maximized. 


       Specification of BIJOU COG Cannula / Cog 360 Thread      
      BIJOU COG CANNUMA      (Gauge/Needle Length/PDO Length/Type)
      L19C1015 - 19gauge/100mm/150mm/Bi-direction (L-type Cannula)
     ► L21C3014 - 21gauge/90mm/140mm/Bi-direction (L-type Cannula)
     ► L21D3014 - 21gauge/90mm/140mm/Multi-direction (L-type Cannula)
     ► L19E0206 - 19gauge/60mm/38mm/Bi-direction ((L-type CannulaNose Lifting
     ► L19E0207 - 19gauge/70mm/60mm/Bi-direction ((L-type CannulaNose Lifting


      BIJOU COG 360    

     ► M19T1019 - 19gauge/100mm/195mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (Blunt type) 
     ► M21T2018 - 21gauge/90mm/180mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (Blunt type) 

     ► M23T3015 - 23gauge/60mm/150mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (Blunt type)  

     ► M23T3018 - 23gauge/90mm/180mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (Blunt type) 

     ► L19T1019 - 19gauge/100mm/195mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (L-type Cannula) 
     ► L21T2018 - 21gauge/90mm/180mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (L-type Cannula

     ► L23T3015 - 23gauge/60mm/150mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (L-type Cannula 

     ► L23T3018 - 23gauge/90mm/180mm/6 dimensional 360 cog (L-type Cannula


                                  User's Guideline                               
    1. Purpose of use: this product is used for healing purposes not for drug delivery as it 
        consists of absorbable surgical suture and sterilized needle. 

    2. Preparations before use: 
1) Check the model name according to its size. 
      2) Check expiration dates and the damage of the package. 
      3) Fully familiarize with the product application.

    3. Operation method: 
      1) Decide the length of the sterilized needle according to its application.
      2) Sterilize the insertion area.
      3) Insert the needle fully until the Polydioxanone suture is perfectly inserted into the 
          cortex of the application area.
      4) Pull out the needle and remove the sponge attached to the needle.
      5) Attach a band on the eye of the needle. 

    4. How to keep and manage after use
1) Discard the remaining unused products, after opening the package.
      2) This product is disposable, so please do not reuse.

    5. Direction for the use 
1) Do not use the product after its expiration date.
      2) Do not use the product with damaged packaging.
      3) Do not use the product for other purposes.
      4) This product must be used by the licensed medical surgeons. 

    6. Way to keep 
      1) Conditions for the use and storage 5C~30C, 30~75% RH or below
      2) Keep this product in a clean and dry place and out of the direct rays.


Product Detail Image

Face Lifting PDO Thread BIJOU Cog Cannula_ Cog Nose_ Cog 360

Face Lifting PDO Thread BIJOU Cog Cannula_ Cog Nose_ Cog 360

Face Lifting PDO Thread BIJOU Cog Cannula_ Cog Nose_ Cog 360